Road transport


Full truckload (FTL)

Our main activity is the transport of goods in Less than Truckload regime (LTL). We collect the goods by using the Order Management System, which organises the transport of goods with the same destination so results for our customers in the significant reduction of costs, optimisation of storage space, efficiency of transit time and last but not least, the reduction of carbon emissions.

Full truckload (FTL)

If you have to transport high volumes of goods, we offer you assistance regarding the documentation, type of truck, necessary equipment and transit time.

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International or extracommunity

Apart from the classical procedures of intracommunity transport, in the international transport these procedures become more complex because the countries to/from which the freight transport is organised are not part of European Union. Thus, the customs assistance and customs clearance service intervenes and with its help we can finalise in good conditions the transport of goods. You can find further information about the customs clearance procedure here.

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Intracommunity transport routes with regular traffic

We have daily connections for transport in less than truckload regime and full truckload regime to and from Italy, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, The Czech Republic, Turkey.

Types of trucks

For the transport of goods in FTL regime we can make available by our portfolio of suppliers the following types of trucks – truck13.60, tarpaulin XL code, multi lock system, Mega- 3m with liftable ceiling, tandem or truck with trailer, freezer van with only one temperature or double temperature, coil truck/coil mulde, palettenanschlagleiste, truck with tarpaulin code XL.


The volume of intracommunity and international transport has as result the development of internal routes of distribution and collection of goods. In order to offer our customers complex transport services, we make available to them also the internal freight transport. Thus, we organise both loading for the export goods which will be dispatched in less than truckload and the delivery to final destination of merchandise in less than truckload arrived from import.

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Air Freight

The package of air freight services is composed of complete solutions for the distribution of goods in optimal conditions and on high distances. Thus, the goods of our customers will arrive at the desired destination without delay and in safe conditions. We will find efficient and flexible solutions, adapted to the budget and optimal transit time, whatever your requests may be.

Express Service

When a delivery is urgent, Ma.Ra Logistics Quality makes available the Airline Express Service, with little transit time and direct flights to multiple destinations. The higher costs will be expressed in the irreproachable quality of this service.

Standard & Direct

By partnerships signed, Ma.Ra Logistics Quality can provide you with a stable and reliable service for the transport of general goods, textiles, garments on hangers, exotic goods and other types of customized transport.


Our team can assist you in finding the best transport route, by combining the maritime and air freight, so that you can benefit from an efficient service regarding the cost and transit time.

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Sea Freight

Having worldwide network your goods can reach final destination easily no matter of the volume, type of goods and sea freight service chosen FCL or LCL.

Container options: container 20’ and 40′, standard universal, vopen-top, high cube, flat rack, platforms, freezer-reefer, tank containers.

LCL – Less than a Container Load

If you do not have sufficient goods to load a full container, Ma.Ra Logistics Quality can collect and consolidate the goods of your company with the goods of other companies in a single container, in order to be shipped to the desired destination.

FCL – Full Container Load

We can organise direct loadings from your factory or your supplier and assist you with all the documents and informations neccessary for customs clearance procedure.

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Our team can assist you in finding the best transport route, by combining the sea freight and air freight, so that you can benefit from an efficient service regarding the cost and transit time.

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