We aim in the company but also at home to reduce the personal carbon footprint on the environment. We consider that the actions that each of us take daily can have a negative impact on the environment. In this way we take care the following:

  • We buy local products as possible, so we support the local economy;
  • We buy products that are part of the circular economy, thus reduce the negative impact on the environment;
  • We buy bulk food for later storage in hermetically sealed glass containers;
  • We reuse as much as possible. For example, if we buy a bottle of juice and wash it and reuse it, we are creative!
  • If the space allows and we have the necessary light we grow our own aromatic herbs to use for cooking;
  • We are creative in the kitchen and we avoid food waste;
  • We are responsible for using the water we depend on. It is an essential element for the future of the planet. At the office we have an water filter and no longer bought bottled water in plastic bottles;
  • For cleaning offices and kitchens we use water saving products and equipment;
  • We recycle – paper, aluminum, cardboard, recyclable plastic, etc.
  • We avoid plastic – we use reusable products or from biodegradable materials, where there are already options (garbage bags, nets, breads);
  • We choose organic and vegan products whenever we have the opportunity.
  • We respect the law regarding the environment and the safe management of the waste and the way of using the materials resulting from the activity;

Looking at the activity that MaRa Logistics Quality carries out, domestic and international transport of goods, in case we receive requests to transport food or beverages, through Alpi Group we can offer the experience of a qualified team that offers services dedicated to the delivery under controlled temperature conditions, hygiene conditions and in perfect technical condition.