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We hold spaces for storage under customs surveillance with fast access to the beltway of Bucharest and Motorway A2, which facilitates fast access to any area of the country.  The area of our warehouse is 860 m2, with a height of 9,0 m in pillars. You will permanently know the situation of your stocks by the merchandise management system.

Because we care for the environment, the industrial centre where we are uses a photovoltaic renewable energy project of 2.2 MW with photovoltaic panels

The technical specifications of the warehouse are:

  • Enhanced floors for hydraulic platforms, sprinklers system and smoke detector
  • Smoke ventilators, 3-hour resistance to fire, heating
  • Sewerage and rain water drainage system
  • Large parking facilities
  • Security and camera
  • Supply with industrial water
  • Individual meters for all utilities (gas, electricity, water)


The handling services of merchandise consist of:

  • Loading and unloading services, possibility of loading by forklift truck
  • Palletization services
  • Wrapping and labelling services
  • Preparation of orders for delivery

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