MaRa Logistics Quality aims to have a positive impact on the environment and society through its activity. That is why we are involved in social projects and we try to be part of the change of society through our contribution.

“The pleasure of really great people is to make people happy.” – Blaise Pascal

Daruieste Viata - MaRa Logistics Quality

Dăruiește Viață is the Association that radically changes the health system in Romania by modernizing the medical infrastructure, changing behaviors in the medical system and through lobbying and advocacy projects for patients in Romania. The most ambitious project is the reconstruction of the Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest. So that all the specialties from Marie Curie Hospital benefit from European conditions. We were one of the 1200 companies that responded to the campaign launched by the Dăruiește Viață Association, contributing to the construction of the First Hospital for Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy in Romania.

BURSA DE FERICIRE - MaRa Logistics Quality

We are “Shareholder” on the Bursa de Fericire, where we invest capital annually that contributes to the development and modernization of the oncological centers in Romania. The Fellowship is the community of all those who donate for the projects initiated and carried out by the Dăruiește Viață association, including the #NoiFacemUnSpital initiative.

We annually support the “Inimă de Copil” Foundation, which serves the interests of a large number of children and young people by providing social services and their support. We only change things with people who dream of a better Romania, where no child is condemned to poverty and has the chance to become a fulfilled, good and balanced adult.
“We dream of a Romania where people naturally do well”

The Autism Transylvania Association has benefited from our support in providing access to specialized services for children suffering from autism by opening a specialized center. The day center for children with autism was established with the purpose of providing assistance, specialized services and care for children with autism spectrum disorders, regardless of their financial situation. The center promotes the psycho-sensory-motor stimulation of these children, by integrating them into various therapeutic activities. Also, through the therapy carried out in the center, the social, school and family integration of children with ASD is targeted.

The association “Salvează o inimă” wants to bring together as many professionals from different fields, well trained and motivated people, good people, simple, honest people, people who with soul and dedication can help in the same roof. our campaigns and projects. This association has over 60,000 members … they are the ones who donate online, over 60,000 people. We are glad that we are among the companies that are part of this beautiful project.

ADVU aims to identify those universal aspects that transcend form differences and link us into a complex structure, called humanity. It considers education a universal value and I believe that the learning process never ceases, which is why it organizes courses and educational modules for adults and children. We are involved in the financial support of the educational activities undertaken by ADVU.

Save the Children runs programs for the benefit of all children, but pays special attention to those in difficult situations. Save the Children Romania militates for social involvement in the life of the community, so that the programs that concern the children bring long-term benefits to the whole community. We are pleased to contribute to this global humanitarian project such as Save the Children whenever we have the opportunity, by participating in the events organized by them, but also by our involvement in the support of their programs.

In the projects they develop, they bring together children, young and old, and encourage intergenerational activities, dialogue and mutual exchange between generations. Both young and old, both young and parents have a lot to learn from an intergenerational meeting. In order for the programs it develops to be sustainable in the long term, the Foundation establishes strong partnerships in the communities in which it operates. Thus, in our projects we have the support of local authorities and institutions, the business sector and civil society. MaRa Logistics supports this initiative and is financially involved in the projects carried out by the foundation.

HOSPICE is the largest foundation in the country offering free specialized services of this type. He has developed comprehensive palliative care services, which are offered in day centers, outpatient clinics and inpatient units, at patients’ homes and in partner hospitals. In its 28 years of existence, HOSPICE has brought relief and hope for nearly 34,000 children and adults with incurable diseases. We have supported HOSPICE activities thus giving children and adults with cancer the opportunity to stand upright.