Extracommunity Routes

MaRa Logistics offers you customized general freight solutions outside the European Union.Transport marfa generala Europa

Apart from the classical procedures of intracommunity transport, in the international transport these procedures become more complex because the countries to/from which the transport is organised are not part of European Union. Thus, the customs assistance and customs clearance service intervenes and with its help we can finalise in good conditions the transport of goods. You can find further information about the customs clearance procedure here.

We organize transport for various companies and the most frequently required service is the transport of general goods. General goods represents a wide range of goods and products such as: textiles and GOH, commodities, electronics, High-Tech, personal care products, household appliances, furniture, ceramics/tiles, mechanical products and spare parts for automotive industry etc.

We await your requests on our email: office@maralogistics.ro or directly on our request offer form.

Goods transport to/from Turkey

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