November 2020, is the anniversary of a decade on the Romanian freight market, an atypical business context that we all have faced it during this year. Even so it is an occasion to celebrate it and we want to share this memorable moment with all our partners. Not coincidentally, to this important moment in the evolution of the company is related the start of the project to expand the MaRa Logistics logistic space by building a new warehouse, together with our partner Albini & Pitigliani.

The new logistic space will have a warehouse with a usable area of 2000 sqm and an operating space of 500 sqm. It is located in an industrial area, the location being very close to the main access of roads and highways such as A2, DNCB and more.

We take into consideration the requirements of our clients, who tend to adapt their way of working according to the current period, further developing more the warehouse, logistics, pick & pack and distribution services.

See below our annivesary presentation video.