MA.RA Logistics comes to exporters with a complex service which guides them to identify and minimize export risks and optimizes the company’s compliance program.

In order to move into the complexity of global markets, it is necessary to comply with the rules and rules on trade in products and services, but an effective Export Control system is needed to verify in particular the legitimacy of military product and technology exchanges and avoid exporting dual-use products.

We offer solutions that give the opportunity to simplify import and export processes, transforming all customs rules into a special advantage for international shipments.

Also in the area of customs compliance, we assist our clients with services such as:

  1. Import-export procedures and verification of the document flow
  2. Tariff and customs classification in individual countries abroad
  3. Calculation and attribution of non-preferential and preferential origin (GSP)
  4. Applying free trade agreements

Because we offer “More than Transport”!