According to the Communication from the European Commission, ‘’air cargo accounts for approximately 35 % of world trade by value. It is a key part of freight transport, complementing both land and sea transport, in particular for time- sensitive cargo. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, restrictions on flights and/or on the movement of passengers and transport personnel have been imposed, with a view to containing the pandemic. European and global supply chains have consequently been severely disrupted.

Continued and uninterrupted air cargo services are vital for the economy and for fighting COVID-19, and European and global supply chains depend on them being operated unhindered. Air cargo should therefore be able to continuously deliver critical products such as food, medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), and other products which are vital for the functioning of sensitive supply chains.

The extraordinary situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak may give rise to the need for cooperation between the European and international aviation community, including air cargo and express service providers to ensure the supply and fair distribution of scarce products.

As part of the EU’s overall efforts to keep essential transport flows moving, including notably the most sensitive ones, Member States are requested to facilitate air cargo operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. The European Commission is therefore inviting Member States to implement the operational measures set out in these Guidelines with the understanding that these exceptional measures will be temporary for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.’’

Source: European Commision

MaRa Logistics assists you in carrying goods through our network all over the world offering personalized aifreight solutions to our customers, having the possibility to deliver the goods door to door.

Our motto is to be a reliable partner both for the current customers and for potential customers so that by quality and promptness we make our customers loyal and consolidate our long-term business relations.

We organize transport for various companies and the most frequently required service is the transport of general goods. General goods represents a wide range of goods and products such as: textiles and GOH, commodities, electronics, High-Tech, personal care products, household appliances, furniture, ceramics/tiles, mechanical products and spare parts for automotive industry etc.

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