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Customs Clearance

Because we organise intracommunity and international transports, we can assist our customers with customs assistance services for the customs clearance processes for road transport, seafreight and airfreight.

We offer solutions that give the opportunity to simplify import and export processes, transforming all customs rules into a special advantage for international shipments.

In the area of ​​customs compliance, we can assist our clients with services such as:

  • Import-export procedures and verifying of document flows
  • Tariff and customs classification in individual countries abroad
  • To calculate and attribute of non-preferential and preferential origin (GSP)
  • Applying free trade agreements
Export Control

Export Control and restrictions on embargoes countries

In accordance with Export Control regulations, we inform that before shipping your goods and documents to countries subject with particular restrictions or embargoed, you will have to proceed with objective screening, to check if the product is free export/import or subject to a specific license issued by the Competent Authorities, and subjective screening to exclude that the stakeholders have not been included in the lists of “denied parties”, so called “Black List“. Blacklisted persons or entities are prohibited from concluding deals or negotiations of any kind. These regulations are applicable to non-EU shipments, transits and intra-EU transfers.

If the goods fall within the list of Annex I of Regulation (CE) 428 of 2009, the exporter / importer is mandatory to inform us in advance, as imosed by international regulations and provide all information, documentation, including instructions, to the operating personnel.

For shipments of goods subject to “US Sanctions Program”, such as Iran, Cuba or Russia, the exporter undertakes to check that the shipment does not contain goods, technologies or software from the United States, or that they contain more than 25% of content from the United States (as defined in 15 CFR 734.4). If it falls within the cases just mentioned, the exporter / importer must provide us a copy of the BIS license or other approvals that authorize the shipment to the recipient.

Compliance with these international provisions, before completing the shipment of goods from or destined to embargoed countries, our customers will have to sign the “Indemnity Letter” which must be delivered together with the export / import documents and those commercial. This declaration will be provided by our operating personnel.

Shipments that are not compliant will be retained and will be subject to delays, or they will return to the origin, whether it’s goods, documents or merchandise destined for our warehouses. In addition to the aforementioned document, for Extra EU shipments, it will be necessary to fill in the documentation for customs clearance, as provided for by our ICP (Internal Compliance Program). The same will be available at the offices of MaRa Logistics. 

We remind our customers that our Export Compliance department is available to ensure adequate support.



We are also able to offer its customers specific services for subjective screening, objective screening, Dual Use and ECCN classification and Due Diligence and consultancy on Export Control and Trade Compliance.

Some Embargoed Countries:

Afghanistan, Egypt, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Syria, China, Lebanon, Libya, Cuba, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Sudan, North Korea, Iraq, Vietnam, SFRY, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Tunisia, UAE, Cyprus, Turkmenistan and other.

For the complete list, please refer to the appropriate lists EU, USA, UN.

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