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Why should I choose the services of MA.RA Logistics?

Since our start in this business we have invested time and resources to offer you quality freight transport services and not only.

With us you will always benefit from:

  • Personalised solutions and immediate answers
  • Transparency and flexibility regarding the services offered (freight transport, storage and handling, customs assistance)
  • Competitive prices and varied options
  • Insurance of goods both for duration of transport and for duration of storage
  • Young and trained team so that you can benefit from support for the entire collaboration time
Transport rutier de marfa

What information do I have to provide to obtain an estimated/final price offer?

The information below is essential:

  • Area- town of loading/unloading
  • The period available for loading/unloading
  • Type of goods (general goods, textiles, garment on coat hangers, furniture etc.)
  • Method of packing( boxes, pallets, fabric rolls etc.)
  • Quantity, weight, volume
  • Specifications of fragile goods or not
Transport maritim de marfa

What vehicles do you use for the loading and delivery of goods?

Our loadings take place in less than truckload regime and also full truckload on trucks or semitrailer trucks with tarpaulins or specialised for the type of product carried (e.g. with bars for garment on coat hangers).

For small quantities of merchandise transported, we assure their transport in less than truckload regime to destinations at national level in “door to door“ regime, with departure from Bucharest and their delivery within maximum 48 hours depending on the distance to the unloading place, both on vans, trucks with tarpaulins, with lift or without lift or sprinters.

For the transport of goods in full truckload regime we can make available by our portfolio of suppliers the following types of trucks – truck 13.60, tarpaulin XL code, multi lock system, Mega- 3m with liftable ceiling, tandem or truck with trailer, freezer van with only one temperature or double temperature, coil truck/coil mulde, palettenanschlagleiste, truck with tarpaulin code XL.

For the quantities which exceed 3 tons, both for import and export of goods, the collection of goods is directly on trucks of 22 tons with tarpaulins or van, directly from the loading place to the unloading place, specified by the customer. At the request of customers we transport dangerous goods (ADR ) both in full truckload and less than truckload regime, on trucks with tarpaulins or vans.

Are the goods insured during transport? YES!

Throughout the transport, the goods circulate under the CMR insurance for truck / ship / aircraft.

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