March 1st, 2020, brought changes in the electronic toll system in Bulgaria for vehicles with a total mass max. authorized exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Thus, the new system will be able to pay the usage fees depending on the distance traveled, and the electronic “vignetta” for heavy vehicles and buses will be replaced. The roads on which this system will be introduced have a length of 3,115 km including the 803 km of motorway.
Payment of the vignette can also be made using a device installed on the vehicle (GNSS type) or by a GPS signal tracking system, not just by the standard vignette version, purchased before entering the toll road segment. Thus, the route traveled will be recorded and the corresponding payment amount will be calculated automatically. The fine for non-payment of the road tax is between 77 and 383 euros, depending on the type of vehicle. More information is also available on the website of the Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency. The site also has the romanian and english version.

Source of article: Tranzit