More Than Transport

Because we are good at what we do, since 2000 we are the correspondents of the Albini & Pitigliani Group in Romania. Thus, we benefit from all the advantages of a network with global coverage, with know-how and experience in expeditions over 70 years! Ma.Ra Logistics Quality provides road transport, sea freight and air freight services, for import and export. Our motto is to be a reliable partner both for the current customers and for potential customers so that by quality and promptness we make our customers loyal and consolidate our long-term business relations.

Ma.Ra Logistics organises transport for various companies and the most frequently required service is the transport of general goods. General goods represents a wide range of goods and products such as – textiles and garment on coat hangers, commodities, electronics, High-Tech, personal care products, household appliances, furniture, mechanical products and spare parts etc.

Ma.Ra Logistics Quality is a leading freight forwarder in the industry of general goods. This is mainly due to the network with global coverage it benefits from as part of the Italian Group Albini & Pitigliani, network which allows the company customers to transport products almost anywhere in the world.

passenger plane fly up over take-off runway from airport at sunset

Thus, we make available to our customers:

  • Road lines of direct traffic with daily departures from and to multiple destinations from Europe and Romania.
  • Road transport of goods in less than truckload LTL and FTL (full truckload).
  • Containerised maritime Transport (FCL full truckload or less than truckload LCL).
  • Air freight, sea freight and express regime.
  • Customs assistance and customs clearance.
  • Storage and handling services.
Panorama of Container Cargo freight ship with working crane bridge in shipyard at dusk for Logistic Import Export background

Intracommunity transport routes with regular traffic

We have daily connections for transport in less than truckload regime and full truckload regime to and from Italy, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, The Czech Republic, Turkey.

Panorama of Container Cargo freight ship with working crane bridge in shipyard at dusk for Logistic Import Export background

Our mission

Our mission is to offer full solutions of freight transport, regardles of the nature of merchandise/goods or the way of transport. Our priority is and will remain the serving of our customers at the highest level.

The protection of our position as exceptional supplier of transport services, storage and handling of goods at national and international level is a daring objective of us, considering that our objective is to take responsibility for the environment, the civil society and the employees.

We like to see how the merchandise successfully arrive from the suppliers to customers by using our road transport, air freight and maritime freight services and thus, following our collaboration, the customers will be satisfied and will want to continue and also recommend our transport services.  We want to build an extraordinary team, well-outlined and be part of their personal and professional development.

For the realisation of this goal, we always have in view:

  • The satisfaction of our customers;
  • Promptness in provision of services;
  • Observance of legal provisions and other requirements applicable in industry;
  • Commitment and motivation of employees;
  • Low costs of services, by assuring:
  • Prevention of pollution;
  • Reduction of impact of our business on environment;
  • Prevention of road accidents and diseases.

Just as all industries make high efforts for greening, the transport industry has to bring a significant contribution. We are involved in this environmental protection movement, by becoming the logistic supplier of green services. We are aware that as the transport evolves, the emissions of CO2 can be significantly reduced.

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