MA.RA Quality Logistics in partnership with Albini & Pitigliani has provided a direct line of transport groupage route: Italy, Verona – Romania, Bucharest.

This service offers the possibility of daily take over to your suppliers, departures being scheduled every Wednesday and Friday.

Our goal is to be very close to the customer, optimizing the transit time and price, paying maximum attention to the quality of services provided.Verona View

Our knowledge and personnel offer you the best solutions in grouping goods like: clothes, shoes , textile , fabric , garments on hangers , garment boxes , cosmetics , household products , electronics , toys, plastics, household medical.

We wait with great interest your requests.

MA.RA Logistics Quality                                                                           Albini&Pitigliani S.p.A.

032982 Bucharest, Romania                                                                                       37137 Verona, Italy

Tel: 004 021 255 55 03                                                                                            Tel +39 045 8628506

Fax: 004 021 255 55 06                                                                                              Fax +39 045 8628512

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